Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finalised logo!

Since the last post I experimented with more abstract outlined and shaped dancer as part of the logo design. The results can be seen below.

The designs were popular, however after more feedback with the school the decision was made that the block silhouette dancer worked better as part of the logo and as a representation of the school.

I have now fine tuned the logo design that was picked as the most popular, giving her a better head shape and a nicely pointed foot, below is the finished logo design.

Now I am working on colour. Although the logo will post be used in black and white, I think it will be nice to have either a single colour, or small colour palette associated with the school for use of things like newsletters, advertising and the website.

Purple was the suggested colour, so I made a big purple colour palette to try and find the right shade of purple to suit.

I then experimented with using purple in isolated parts of the logo

And using colour as a background to the logo

As always I would really appreciate any feedback you have to be left as a comment below.


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