Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Finalised logo!

Since the last post I experimented with more abstract outlined and shaped dancer as part of the logo design. The results can be seen below.

The designs were popular, however after more feedback with the school the decision was made that the block silhouette dancer worked better as part of the logo and as a representation of the school.

I have now fine tuned the logo design that was picked as the most popular, giving her a better head shape and a nicely pointed foot, below is the finished logo design.

Now I am working on colour. Although the logo will post be used in black and white, I think it will be nice to have either a single colour, or small colour palette associated with the school for use of things like newsletters, advertising and the website.

Purple was the suggested colour, so I made a big purple colour palette to try and find the right shade of purple to suit.

I then experimented with using purple in isolated parts of the logo

And using colour as a background to the logo

As always I would really appreciate any feedback you have to be left as a comment below.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Logo Development

Below are the final collection of logos, many are similar with different silhouettes or writing.

These were printed out and taken into the school for feedback but if you haven't yet seen them please do feel free to leave a comment at the bottom as I value everyone's opinion of the project.

(Please click on the images if you want to see them bigger)

Each logo is shown in black on white and white on black as it will be used in both variations and later with colour too.

After feedback from many teachers and dancers at the school this logo and shone out as being the most popular.

The next step is to experiment with the dancer silhouette. It was pointed out that the dancer does not have a well pointed foot, so I will be fixing this.

I will also looking at more abstract ways of showing the dancer silhouette, through shapes and lines.

Below are some examples of abstract dancer silhouettes

There are also more traditional examples of dancer silhouettes below, I will be looking at and trying out many different styles of dancer, both abstract and traditional to try and find the best fit for the school


I will post the silhouette experiments as soon as possible and will also be heading into the school with them this week.

After the fine tuning of the logo is complete I will start to look at colours and development the new identity thoughout the school.

Any feedback please comment below!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Initial Logo Ideas

Hi everyone!

Sorry it's been so long getting the initial ideas up!

Below are a few initial ideas I've been working on, different fonts, names, styles etc. I want to create something that shows the different sides of the school, that it is a school for learning to dance, progressing through the grades and even onto a professional level but that is also has a fun side. Also the traditional and modern sides to the school with both traditional ballet classes and modern street dance classes.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated! Whether it be you like a certain style, font, shape, combination, silhouette or something else you would like to see, please comment below.

Please bear in mind these are just my first ideas, anything can be moved, changed, recombined etc!

(Please click on the images if you want to see them bigger)

Feel free to contact me about anything, the project, design ideas, other logos you like etc!